Small Goals.

So, I should probably put some of those life skills that I learned in high school to use.  You remember the ones – make short term goals and long term goals and you will be successful — blah, blah, blah.  Then, life gets in the way, you forget about all of those little annoying things you learned, and you begin to feel like your house, your kids, and your mind are stuck on an unending carousel.  No real direction and no end point. 

I want some end points.

This is an end point.  I’ve set a goal and to make matters more complicated, this goal encompasses a whole bunch of smaller goals that *fingers crossed* I’ll accomplish one by one.  This blog is the first goal and although it seems easy, I’ve set out to conquer this goal MANY times – all efforts which have failed miserably after only a week or so.

Not this time.


So, stay tuned.  Lots of stuff to come.  I can’t guarantee that it’ll be all that interesting all the time, but there will be lots and it will be me!