I know I mentioned that Cooper had started t-ball.  If you don’t have a little one playing sports yet, you will soon realize that every waking moment has to be dedicated to that sport for the first few weeks — or days.  Coop has been asking me and Jer to play catch with him every waking moment.  Actually, its more of a game of we catch and throw and Cooper throws and runs after the ball.  The catching part hasn’t quite become a mastered skill.  He does a great job throwing.  I’ve been giving him a few pointers as far as how to stand when throwing.  I could very easily become an overbearing parent when it comes to baseball.  Either that, or I’ll someday just have to coach so I have a reason to harp on the kids for their form and basics!

Perhaps the reason project 365 is going so well for me this time is because I took all of the pictures on the designated days for several days before even attempting to blog them.  We’ll see how long this lasts for.  I would love to see this through for  an entire year to watch how our lives change from day to day.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupes have got to be one of the best investments made at our house.  The kids are in and out of them constantly… playing house, bank robbers, or just to cruise around and see how fast they can go.  Although, purchasing two different types was probably our big mistake.  On any different day — or minute, or second — the kids prefer one over the other.  Its not just one child that prefers a particular bike — its both Cooper and Belle.  They both want the same car.  At the same moment.  *sigh*

Another project 365 post.

This is the face that I get to look at each and every day.  And, this is how we typically find him… fingers in his mouth snuggling his blanket up to that patch of skin between his upper lip and his nose.  I hope I remember this forever.

Project 365 Day 2

Yep, Day 2 has come and gone.  May 4th, 2011, Cooper started t-ball.  He had such a great time at practice and enjoyed chasing after the balls hit by his teammates.  When it was time for Cooper to go up to bat, he was giddy with excitement.  The first ball he hit ended up landing smack dab on the forehead of his teammate, who is also his classmate at school.  Poor Olivia!  At least t-balls are a little soft!

I hope Cooper’s love of t-ball continues!  My older brother and I were deeply involved in baseball and softball growing up and it was an important part of our lives.  I would absolutely love for my children to carry that torch, and if not, hopefully we can find something they are just as passionate about (because we know it isn’t cheerleading for Belle.)

So, I’ve said over and over again that I will participate in a Project 365 and I will actually stick with it.  So, this is my beginning again.  I think this is probably try number 14 for me, but one time its going to work — right?

So, Day 1 of Project 365, which also happens to be from  Tuesday, May 3rd.

We managed to catch a few rays and play outside.  Belle can never smile for the camera normally… she has to have such cheesy grins.  This is the closest we’re getting to a ‘normal’ smile.  Despite the smile, I’d say she’s still super duper cute.

Three’s a Croud

Really, its not.

Not when you are talking about three of the most adorable children on the planet!  edit 20101204_321 tex

I told you.

Last night we had an impromptu family game night.  I should have taken some snapshots, but then I would have gotten that lovely glare from my husband and a little comment about participating instead of observing.  So, I didn’t.  Anyhow, I have never played such a dramatic game of Candyland (or is it Candy Land?) in all my life.  Several of us got almost to the end, before getting sent back to the beginning.  That darn gingerbread man gets me every time!


Our game did result in several tearful sessions from this little guy – who often becomes somewhat of a sore loser.

I have no clue who he gets that trait from.

Its certainly not me.

Definitely not.


I can almost guarantee that she participated in family game night just for the treats.  The treat she enjoyed during family fun night last night was the Weelicious Oatmeal bars that I talked about here.

And no, my children can never make a normal face in a picture.

I think its some sort of allergic reaction to my camera.


This little guy was exhausted and a little cranky.  But, he knew that we were all going to have some fun, so had had to stick it out because he knew there were raisins to be had!

Or, at the very least, he could sit there and eat his hand.

And look slightly pathetic.

And seeing as though that little fella just went down for nap, it is now time for me to put on my Suzie Homemaker hat and make some homemade pop tarts and get that casserole ready so I just have to pop it in the oven later for dinner.

Don’t worry – I’ll take pictures and put up some recipes!!

Be Kind, Everyone!

I’m Baaaack

Its day 2!  I’ve posted two whole days in a row!  Now, not another word – I don’t want to jinx myself!

Onto other things – like what I am eating for breakfast this morning.


Oatmeal On-the-Go Bars.  I can’t take ALL the credit for these tasty bars.  Catherine, over at Weelicious has some of THE best family friendly recipes around.  I check her website daily for new recipes to share with my family.  These Oatmeal Bars are a family favorite and they are super easy!  I love them because they are not super sweet – the majority of the sweetness comes from the dried fruits and not from white sugars.  I made this batch with a mix of yellow and red raisins and walnuts.  The recipe takes only minutes of preparation and pretty soon your family can be enjoying these bars any time of the day, like ours!

I’m not going to mention what happened to my wonderful hubby this morning, but I’ll just say that I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks!!  I’m glad he’s a good sport, otherwise he’d probably have gone to work a little frustrated with how hard I was laughing *with* him.  –hehe–